I miss this

I drew this about a year ago... It's about time I start drawing again.
This is the first painting I've ever sold.
As of right now, I am trying to tackle this self portrait of Chuck Close

He is a hyper realist artist and he is uh-may-zing!  Probably my favorite artist.  I watched a documentary on him and I was beyond amazed.  His early portrait work consisted of great detail, but when he was diagnosed with Prosopagnosia, which is face blindness.  This didn't discourage him from continuing to create masterpieces, instead he tackled it from a different angle.  Since he could no longer see details in faces, he started to grid his portraits and he would paint those squares with different colors and shapes such as circles or triangles.  At close, the painting is indiscernible, but from a far it looks like a perfectly painted portrait.  

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  1. you are so talented! and I love your room! especially the "it could be worse" the frames, the "blessed" with scrabble and everything!