The OC Fair is such a magical place

Tis' a place where:

There are an abundant amount of photo booths to make an abundant amount of memories
A place where talented artists show off their dreamy creations
A place where adorable animals melt your heart (& make you giggle)
A place where everything is fried
(BTW, fried kool-aid= completely overrated, I don't recommend it at all)
A place where the best funnel cakes are devoured
A place where people risk their lives, and let's not forget waste money, to go on crazy rides like this
A place where fun houses are a safe bet compared to these rides ^^^
A place where the ferris wheel is quite the attraction and a beautiful one at that!
A place where my mom & I act like a couple of kids.
2011 OC Fair B&W-1   2011 OC Fair Color

It's also a place that fills my heart with 
incredible happiness

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  1. Geez, I have not been to the OC fair since I was probably about 10 and your pictures definitely make me want to go back! They are so colorful and it looks like you had a great time! Thanks for stopping by today, so glad you like the Talks with Tk posts! have a nice week :)