I Am Obsessed: Backpacks

It's that time of the year where school starts again (if you're a student like me) and your forced to carry 20 pounds of junk everywhere you go.  The last time I had a backpack was when I was a freshman in high school, but after only 5 weeks of juggling my purse, my binder, my flimsy rolls, and all of my books, I have decided to invest in a backpack, again.  But I'm done with Jansport backpacks, oooh no! If I'm going to wear a backpack, it better be cute!  What I like about these backpacks below is that they are not only functional, but they are also extremely fashionable!  Don't you think??

   182704793_U4NiT205_c 176670049_j6M37ULZ_c 

All images were found on the lovely Pinterest, I am very sorry that I don't have the exact source of where they can be purchased.  I love every single one of these bags, but I am especially swooning over the doily one! I want! I neeeeed! 

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  1. I wish I were going back to school because I really want to tote that top right backpack around everyday!