I am Obsessed: Tattoos

It sounds so dumb to admit aloud that I have been obsessed with having a tattoo since I was about 12.  Am I right, what 12 year old wants a tattoo?!  You would assume that I was imagining a butterfly tattoo on my arm or Tinkerbell on my ankle. Haha, but it was nothing like that.  I look at tattoos as art, daily reminders of things that you love and that inspire you.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

This one ^^ is my absolute favorite!

As you can see I prefer quotes over butterflies. :)

Maybe this year will be the year...but even then I still feel too young!  
I feel like people my age are just getting tattoos just because they can, 
just because they're "adults".  I certainly don't want to regret any of my tattoos, 
seeing that they're kind of really permanent



  1. I've always loved tatoos, but I think it would take some careful plannig and consideration before I actually got one, for the reason you said really, It's permanent and you have to ask yourself if you'd still love it in ten/twenty years time! Nice post :D

  2. absolutely ADORE the infinity life tattoo!!