PTL for New Friendships

This is another long post, but I promise you it's a lot lighter than the one before.  :)

Church was a-may-zuh-zing, was it because of the service or the special person that I met?  BOTH! :)
Today's service was about "the forgotten celebrity," Jesus Christ.  As humans, we are hardwired to worship someone or something.  We look at celebrities to validate us because they seem to live amazing lives, do amazing things...etc.  But do they love us back, do they even want to meet us?  (I guess they love us as fans because our money benefits them, but in no way is that genuine love.)  Why should we worship someone who doesn't care about us, someone that doesn't genuinely love us?  We deserve much more than that.  We deserve Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ wants to know everything about us, He loves us, He will never desert us.  "Celebrities" change, they make mistakes, their time here on Earth has an expiration date.  
Jesus doesn't.    

On another note, I met the Richelle from Richellephant at church today (that's right! there's a "the" infront of Richelle because she is somewhat of a really big deal to me).  I have been following her wonderful blog for the past 2.5 years and have had a couple of close calls to meeting her.  I even saw her at the Renegade Fair 2 years ago, but I got so nervous I couldn't sum up any courage to say hi to her.  I'm suuuuuch an idiot for not saying hi!  But anyways, today at church I was about to leave when I turned around to see Richelle talking to some girls.  My thought process, "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH THAT'S HER!"  I walked towards them and I just stood behind them and waved nervously, hoping she would recognize me from my blog.  && SHE DID!  At first both of us were really nervous, but within a short amount of time it felt like we had been friends for a while.  It was crazy how natural it began to feel, we ended up talking for about 3 hours (even though it felt like only an hour)!  It's really crazy when you get to thinking about how God works.  God introduced me to Richelle, who was used as an instrument to introduce me to Christianity and now that I am connected to Church He introduced me to his instrument, Richelle. It's crazy I tell you!  God is so good!  Not only did I meet someone that I've looked up to for the past 2 years, but I made a friend today.  I couldn't have asked for more.  I am so excited what God has in store! :)

&& on anotheeeer note ( so many notes, haha!), here is a fun little video montage I put together for my friends in my high school art class.  I realize that there is little to no art being done in this video, but that's okay, right?! Haha.  Dance is so much more interesting than art anyways!

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  1. GOD IS SO GOOD!! I love this! and that video is so funny hahaha! I haven't even mastered the sponge bob dance move so you must teach me!! what a great day it's been. seriously too blessed to be stressed!