Sundays Are Fundays!

I'm sensing a theme of amazing Sundays to come! The first half of Sunday was spent sleeping all day because I was a busy bee at a wedding all the way in the desert.  But Sunday night, I had a date with these amazing ladies at Boiling Crab.  It was ohhh so delicious!

 .picture stolen from Richelle.

So you know how I said that I was really tired?  Well, I was dead tired, like uuuber duber! And you know what I do when I'm super tired, apparently I accidentally wear different shoes! HAHA! I swear I'll start a new trend!  This was the first (and hopefully last) time I have ever done it. The weird thing is that I didn't realize it until 2 hours later, after Boiling Crab.  The only reason I noticed was because I could feel that one sole was thinner than the other, if it wasn't for that I probably would have never realized.  At least they were the same color, right?!? It definitely provided lots and lots of laughter! 
Have you ever done something like this??

 .picture tolen from Richelle.

After dinner, we ventured out to Class 302.  Oh my gaaaawsh! It was so delicious!  I like shaved ice, but I have never had shaved ice so amazing! Opposed to the typical shaved ice that's crunchy, this is long, thin slivers of ice.  This one is their Green tea & red bean shaved ice.  
You should definitely go try it!


Things that made me giggle:
-"Have you heard of the poop burger?!?" "I don't think that fad will last long..."
-"I have a serious question to ask you... do you believe in aliens?"
-"Outer- terrestrial!" "Do you mean extra- terrestrial?"
-"[Eating shrimp head guts] I like head!! Wow, that sounded really bad."
-"My poop was turquoise, it was so pretty."
-"I have to fart, go in front of me!"
-"Ashley, did you smell my fart?"
-"Did our couch eat your phone?"

P.s. It was so great meeting you Stephanie!
I look forward to seeing you again!


  1. We will! And yes, I will definitely be staying longer next time :)

    Will I be seeing you at Danni's popup shop this Saturday?!

  2. And your two different shoe outing is freaking hilarious!

  3. Yes yesss, I will see you Saturday! I'm not sure where it is though, she said in La Habra... HAHA, thanks!

  4. "omg don't tell me you ate your poop...."

    "it tasted like how it smelled."