No more procastination


The lovely and oh so creative Danni came up with the idea of starting a list of 12 things to complete before 2012 rolls in.  Since I am a huge a procrastinator, this list will help me stay on track!


If you want to participate, just blog a list of 12 projects to complete and email it on over to Danni, so she can add onto the list of many participators! 

Lettuce get busy!! 


  1. Love the list.
    You will love Hunger Games.
    I can relate to #12 and I want to do #10!

  2. What a cute list!! I hope I can stay on top of mine too!

  3. im gonna make one too and post it! :)

  4. I love the way you posted your list - it's so fun and creative! Good luck getting everything done,especially that P90X thing...just "wow".

  5. What a wonderful and ambitious list. Good luck getting everything done. I'm just about ready to check one of my goals off of my list. It does feel good to get things done.

  6. I love your list - so many great things! Good luck getting everything done - I really love no. 12 and am hoping I can do similar this year too.

  7. Loving how you drew out your list! Cute lists are so much less daunting :) Good luck with your goals!

    I'd love to see your Etsy store when you get it opened! I opened mine very recently. It definitely takes some work but is very exciting!

    I'll definitely check back to see how you are doing with your shop and your list!

  8. found your blog through 12 by 2010. good luck with your goals!! sounds like you have some fun things to do!