God is so amazingly good

Another amazing Sunday, it's crazy I tell you how it's beginning to become my favorite day!

It started out being very emotional and exciting because I was getting baptized!! I was so emotional and overwhelmed during Church knowing that I was becoming a daughter in Christ and everyone was so kind and so sweet, I realized that my church (wow I can finally say "my" church!) is truly a community.  I could feel the love around me and it left me in tears many times throughout the morning.  Before I got baptized, I had to attend a meeting where my pastor asked us about our testimonies.  My testimony is kind of different from most... Last fall I applied to APU and I was asked to write about my testimony in the application essay.  Here is an excerpt:

"It wasn't until two summers ago that I started seeking a relationship with God.  I came upon this young woman's blog not knowing that it would change my life.  She is the one who taught me most about God- how we need Him because without Him, we are nothing, that we must remember that God has a plan for each and every one of us.  She is the one who has brought God into my life from that moment on.    I am so unbelievably grateful for her because a few events wouldn't have occurred if I hadn't discovered her blog.  One is that I joined FCA (Fellow Christian Athletes) at my school, and I fell in love with hearing God's word all over again....[Church] was another event that wouldn't had happened for I had not found the blog.  If I hadn't, I wouldn't have joined FCA, I wouldn't have been invited to Church, and lastly, I wouldn't be applying to Azusa Pacific.  

I actually sent my application to the blogger after I wrote it just to tell her thank you.  I truly believe that God used her as an instrument to bring me closer to Him because without her, I really don't think I would be where I am to day as a Christian.

Are you wondering who this girl is that showed me the light??


If you follow Richelle, you would understand why it's so crazy.  Richelle and her sisters are like celebrities to me (I know now that I shouldn't put people on a pedestal, they're just people like me).  I saw them at Renegade Fair last summer and I instantly became speechless and my legs went numb.  Obviously I regret not introducing myself then, but that just shows you how much I looked up to them.  It's so crazy how things work out... How I randomly found her blog, how she led me to seek Christ, how I met her and befriended her at my church...etc.  But the craziness does NOT stop there!  After I told my pastor my testimony, he asked if I wanted to ask Richelle and Reinna (a member of my church and Richelle's sister) and of course I said YES!! I was so overwhelmed with happiness and gratefulness that I started to tear.  Who else would have been better than the person that guided me to Christ to baptize me? NO ONE! 
It was so amazing! I am oh so blessed!


After my baptism was Rein Rein's 23rd birfday bbq where I finally got to meet the oh so sweet Bratcher family (even though I briefly met them at Renegade)! 

((Are you ready for kiddy cuteness and poor quality photo overload?!))
Meet Babycakies #4, GLOW! I can't believe I got to see her and hold her, after cleaning my hands of course ;) .  She was sooo tiny and so adorable!  Isn't Soul Valentina so sweet- giving baby seester a kiss?!
SOUL IS SO CUTE! I think she looks somewhat like me. Am I right?! Maybe just a tad...
It's not a party without homemade maple bacon cupcakes (topped with DIY washi tape flags) made by yours truly! 
THE bravey & her adorable bangs! 
Soooooo much fooood! 
T'was a beautiful day with beautiful people!

Dear Reinna & Richelle,

Happy Birfdayz again! I love you guys!  I was so blessed to have you in my life for the past 2 years (even if it wasn't tangibly), but I am even more blessed now that I can go on this crazy adventure, called life, with the both of you.  The both of you are two of the most genuine and sweetest human beings out there and I am so glad that I can call you not only friends, but also family.  

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  1. first of all, that first photo of me is sooo grossss!!! hahaha I can't get over how gross I look!!!!

    ..... i'm so gross!!!!


    on a serious note-- ashley, you're. AMAZING! and my whole family agrees with me. your life and your testimony is evidence of God's goodness and existence. evidence of his grace and evidence of his intricate plan. it's funny what God does! today I read a quote in the book i'm reading ("the five people you meet in heaven" by mitch albom) and it was like this- "strangers are just family you have yet to come to know." and now we aren't only soul sistas and adventure friends, but we're sisters in Christ!!!! and friends in REAL LIFE! how awesome is that? you can really see God's hand over all of this! and I'm so thankful for how much he has grown you already, and it's just getting started! as a sister in Christ, I want you to know that i'm here for you! this is real talk! there's gonna be lotsa bumps and crap that goes down, but you know that me (AND my family), we're all here for you. one phone call/text/doorbell away. and I know God is gonna do so much more. you're such a blessing and you totallyyyy encourage me. your desire to draw closer to God encourages me to draw closer to him, especially when the going gets tough. and i'm so happy because i KNOW God is gonna use you SOOO much as an instrument to many other people. MANY. and this is the only beginning of the many ways God is going to grow you and use you for the furtherance of his glory and good news!!!! i guess what i'm trying to say is- I love chu sister! I'm thankful that God allowed everything to happen because now you know that I'm here for you to bear your burdens with! meow mix + spirit bear! we are officially burden-bearing sisters and you know I'm praying for you. thinking about how you came to know God makes me tear up and thinking about how much joy you find in being with him reminds me to cling to him even more.. and I can't wait to see how God is gonna grow you and grow all of us as one big fat family! i really thank God for working and you sending me that e-mail long ago, for you finding our blogs, for you branching out to see what God and christianity is about, for you becoming hungry to know him more, for you finding joy in him and for all of us coming together to grow in him as brothers and sisters together! you encourage me SO MUCH and i know this is truly only the beginning of all the struggles and blessings to come.... but it's gonna be good! God is gonna grow you GREATLY and your gonna shine for him and people are gonna see this and want that joy too! Love chu meow mix aka lady ash!! keep fighting the fight and running the race and walking with God, I'm right here with you!!

    love you MUCH!