I miss being able to...

watch Friends at 11pm every night.  
For those that don't know, Friends is my favorite show

Oh....and of course I miss blogging. :) I'm so sorry for the lack of posts!  Something about me, is that I can be a huge procrastinator with certain things, like homework. My school started August 15th and I just started doing all of my homework for my online history class.  My teacher made us a schedule where we only have to read one chapter a week, so we stay on track.  I have been reading 2 chapters a day!! UGH.  Although this is a very crummy situation, I did learn a very valuable lesson that I am going to share with you. DONT PROCRASTINATE!  There is no point because you are causing yourself so much more stress than is necessary!

I promise I will get back to blogging regularly after next week!
Until then, I will be reading 2 chapters in my textbook and 2 chapters of Goodwives a day,
 all while trying to stay sane. :) 

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