I think I have a crush....

Did you know that their name was first Foster & the People (because one of the singer's name is Mark Foster), but it was changed because people kept mishearing it as Foster the People?

Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to go see Foster at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana.  I've gone to concerts before, but never a show this small.  It was so awesome being so close to them, even though I did get a little claustrophobic and grossed out by peoples' sweaty arms touching me.  

Prior to the show, I had never seen what they actually looked like, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I saw a somewhat nerdy, Michael Cera look-a-like.  Don't you think so??
 I looove Foster the People, but they sounded so much better live than on the radio!  It was probably the best show I have ever been to.  All of them had sooo much energy!  It was so fun seeing them dance and switch from instrument to instrument.  About 2 hours passed and they played about 10 songs, all but "Helena Beat" and "Pumped up Kicks."  They left the stage and absolutely everyone started cheering, "FOSTER, FOSTER...etc.," you could imagine how surprised we all were!  A couple minutes passed and Mark finally came out and sang a Ruby, a slow song that has yet to be released.  It was so awesome seeing him sing a solo, I think I'm in love...  :)

Anywaaays, If you were considering seeing them live, GO SEE THEM!!  You're going to have the best time and you best be prepared for a super high energy performance and tons of instrument changes throughout the show.  I really want to go see them again!  
Funny story:  The band before them, Steelwells (who were actually purdy good), misplaced their drum-set, so the drummer had to use their luggages as a substitute.  Haha!  I felt bad for him because he had to work 5x as hard so we could hear him, but it turned out well!

Here's my favorite video clip (not my own) of that night:

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  1. I still have not decided how I feel about this band but I LOVE your lipstick!! looks like you had a great time!