A little break

I should be studying, but I really missed blogging and....I got super hungry!  So of course I went on pinterest looking for a yummy sandwich to make and I came across this super creative picture!! I tried it. It was indeed a FAIL.  But that's probably because my toaster is total lame sauce and I put goat cheese on it (bad idea= huge mess).  Since I didn't want to use my stove (because I hate cleaning the pan afterward) I ended up toasting my bread and microwaving my cheese seperately.  


Whole grain bread
2 layers of cheddar cheese
Thick spread of goat cheese (I LOVE GOAT CHEESE!!!)
Thin layer of balsamic Dressing on both slices of bread

A whole lot of yumminess!!

It was probably the best thing I have ever made. EVER. I seldom cook.  I only bake. To be honest, my cooking goes as far as microwaving and usually they're gross meals like lean cuisine pizzas or boring fried rice.  Now that I have this grilled cheese under my belt, I will definitely be trying a variety of different concoctions.  

This has inspired me to dream of having a gourmet grilled cheese cafe.  Hmmmm....
One day. :)


p.s. I'll be back to blogging on a daily basis next week! Until then, have a lovely week!! 

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