God is Good, God is Great


I also have to credit this image to Richelle because she posted it yesterday,
 but she ended up changing it.  ;)

This week was surprisingly a swell one.   
Lately I've been extremely busy with school and squeezing in some much needed z's wherever I can.  So I was a extremely happy to take a break and have 3 lunch dates this week with a couple of great friends.  
It amazes me how God has blessed me with such great people in my life. 
I feel so blessed.

This morning I opened my Daily Bread and was inspired by these words:

"Rather than desiring attention for ourselves, everything we do should bring glorify to our Savior."
"If we want an increase of Christ, there must be a decrease of self."

I want less of me and more of Him. 
I regret to say that lately I've been a lukewarm Christian.  Yes, I've been going to Church every Sunday, but that it's it.  I rarely read my bible, my actions are sinful, and most of all I don't glorify God in all that I do.  I hate that so much.  Everyday, I waste time doing useless things when I really should be reading my bible.  Last Sunday at Church I was brought to tears by the sermon.  My pastor talked about how we get so mixed up with ourselves that we forget about the one that matters, God. 

We must not rely on our feelings if it means that God isn't being glorified.
We must not get blinded by these so called "celebrities" when God is the true celebrity.
We must learn to give it all up to God and lean on him for the courage and strength that we need.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight."
--Proverbs 3:5-6

Right now I'm struggling with something.  Actually I've been struggling with it for while now.  
All I can do is give it up to God and rely on Him for strength because I know that I am too weak to rely on myself.  I pray that one day I can have the courage...  BUT I do know that God is good.  He has a plan and he's got my back. 


p.s. I think I've decided on what I want my first tattoo to be!

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  1. i think i know what you're talking about at the end......... and if it's what i'm thinking, YOU WILL HAVE COURAGE! in God's time. :) if i don't know what you're talking about but i think i do.... then i still say the same thing!

    love this post.
    oh and when i saw you updated, i was like "FINALLY!"