Skype is one of the greatest inventions


Our conversation today

Ashley: "Did you fart?"
Uncle:  "No...do you smell something?"
A: "Um....no, I heard something"
U: "There you go, you could invent something that would let you smell through skype!"
A: "Only someone like Steve Jobs, rest in peace, could invent that.  He would call it the "Ismell" "    

This my friends, is my uncle
I don't get to see him very often due to the fact that he lives 5,471 miles away, 
all the way in Japan!  He moved there when 4 to be an English teacher 
and I've been missing him ever since.  
Because of flights being so costly
I'm unable to see him as often as I like, 
but thanks to skype I can talk to him as often 
as I like for free! I love technology. 

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  1. lol what would we do without technology!