A magical bridal shower

^^^ These photos were taken by Ica Images & Ruby

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Oh man, look how cute soul sista is in her jeggings!
The lovely lady of the night!
We won the toilet paper dress contest!
Cream puff galore! (I couldn't stop eating Ruby's cream puff cake!)
Beautiful ladies with the most beautiful hearts to match!

It was indeed a magical night; Ruby definitely outdid herself in absolutely every aspect!  Beautiful decorations, yummy food, a game of raunchy charades, great company, smiles, laughs and so much more.  I am so blessed to have been part of something so wonderful and to have these lovely ladies in my life!

Take a gander at this beautiful video made by Hope from Me & Mr. Cassidy!!  I told you, it was purely magical.

Btw, the amazing vocals that you hear are of the one and only Hope!

Dear Rein-Dawg,
 I may haven't known you very long, but I feel like I've known you
and your family for years.  Well, I guess I have since I've stalked followed
your blogs for 2 years.  I think you're pretty cool...Just a smidge... NOT!
I think you're one of a kind! You are so SASSY, silly, beautiful, funny, & sweet.
I feel like I can go to you for anything.  (Especially when I need ma hurr did)
Know that you can come to me for anything, especially when the
  Chrissy Cat comes out. HAHA!!! Anyways, I know that the wedding
has been stressful, but remember to trust God and know that he would
never give you something that you couldn't handle. There's no need to stress
because at the end of everyday, God's got your back!
By the way, you have people to stress for you!  Like you're wedding planner, a.k.a. me! :)
Thank you for being such an awesome human being,
I am so thankful that I have a friend like you in my life
and I can't wait til were neighbors.
I love you big R



  1. wow what a gorgeous idea and gorgeous photos! hope u had a fun shower!


  2. you are too sweet ashley and i am glad we are all real friends now! ;) plus, you and your mama make some bombdiggity desserts!!! ;) see you wednesday!!!

  3. lady ash, so ive got around to the blog world again, and i just read what you wrote...and i wanted to cry! i love you, and im so glad that ive gotten to know you so well especially at this amazing chapter in my life. you came in perfect timing. and seeing how God has grown you to this amazing being, and being able to be such an encouragement and friend in my life and my familes life! you my dear are so sweet! i love you my wedding planner!!