It's a CReinna kind of party

A couple of weeks ago, (I'm obviously so behind in blogging!) I had the great pleasure of attending CReinna's wedding shower!  3 years ago when I first started following Reinna's blog, I viewed CReinna as a "too cute it makes me sick" couple.  They were perfect to me (they still are)- the dates they went on to the videos they would make.  When I met them in September, we became fast friends, and now I'm helping this amazing couple with their wedding planning!! I feel so lucky to know them.


I love you Rein Dawg & Chrissy Cat!



  1. ashbear, THIS post and the post before this!?!??! AMAZERS. i love everything! the photos and the videos and EVERYYYTHING! you're so awesome, and you've reminded me.. i have some catching up to do in the blogging area. your birthday was so fun and as beautiful as these blogs are, they do no justice to the real thang! but dang girl! you got it going on! love you!!!

  2. Sweet Editing Style Babe! ;)