Write that down

I have this habit of writing things down that I find funny.  I found this piece of scratch paper that I had jotted a few things on when my Uncle was in town, I hope you find him as funny as I do!

Uncle: [Uncle puts my grandma's glasses on] LOOK! My big head stretched it! 
[Puts it down] Let's just leave that there....

^^ These are my grandma's glasses that he stretched,  haha ^^

Uncle: Oh no, Koda just barfed...
-Do you want me to describe it to you? It looks like pizza
-At least he had the courtesy to turn away from me and do it
-Thank you Koda

Koda: [Bark and growl]

Uncle: Leopards are yellow and black
Me: No they're not, they're brown and black
Uncle: Really?? Maybe I read too much comic books

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