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Their "Volume 1" is now being sold on Itunes!  Do you guys remember when I blogged about one of their shows that I went to back in November?  Well, after that show, I honestly had their CD on repeat in my car for a whole month until I learned each and every word to all of their songs.  I love them!  Their album isn't just any album, it has an actual story behind it.  Me & Mr. Cassidy explain, "As we began songwriting together the songs were all stories of love and characters we created in our minds. it wasn't before long that we made the connection that if we put the songs in chronological order, we could produce a concept album that was a story from beginning to end. Childhood to death of 2 love birds."

If you are a fan of music that's easy to listen to (and sing a long to), the ukulele, and above all, if you love love, you will certainly fall in love with Me & Mr. Cassidy.  I know I did. So what are you waiting for?  Go buy Me & Mr. Cassidy: Volume 1, pop it in your car and it will surely brighten your day! 


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