Last Saturday, Reinna & Christian finally tied the knot! It was honestly a picture perfect wedding and I didn't expect anything else from this amazing couple.  I didnt' think I was going to cry at all, but as the music started, and Reinna began to walk down the asile, I couldn't help but cry.  The sight of Christian crying as she approached was beautiful, you couldn't help but feel the overwhelming love that was in the air.  

 As you can tell, the sunset offered the most beautiful backdrop while Avasa & Matty  provided mesmerizing tunes.  Although that day was such a blur for me (due to running around doing wedding duties), it was so dreamy it was almost surreal.  

Without going into great detail, Avasa & Matty's lyric's sum it up best:
  "there is no place to be, but here."


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  1. you really are stunningly beautiful! love you meow mix.