Today I went to my favorite thrift store with only $5 in my pocket.  If it were any other store, it would be a problem but they have items as cheap as $0.25, so you can bet I got the bang for my buck!  The challenge was to buy as much I could find for less than $5, this is what I got:


($1 x 2)         2 pieces of fabric 
($0.50 x 2)    2 vinyls
($0.25)          Embroidery hoop (for my friend Richelle and her love for embroidery)
($0.75)          Large Clipboard
Total:            $4

I would say that it was a purdy good deal, wouldn't you?? 6 items for only $4!? I definitely thought the vinyls were going to be more than $3 a piece because they're in really great shape.  I guess to some people they're useless because not everyone has a record player, but to me they were such a huge steal! I actually felt like I was stealing them... ha. I bought them so I can make more of those lyric vinyls that I blogged in an earlier post.  I could have bought more than what I bought, but I didn't want to buy just anything.  Often when I go to thrift stores, I have the mindset of wanting to spend as much money as I can because everything is so cheap.  Yes, I love thrifting. I am a huge fan of it.  I think it's awesome that I can get more for my dollar, but I am an even bigger fan of buying only what I need.  

Next time when you go thrifting, try to challenge yourself by giving yourself a maximum! It can be hard, but it forces you to focus on things you need.



  1. hi! i'm in the socal, would love the name of this thrift store :)

  2. Hi Helen! It's called "Zion Thrift Shop." The address is:
    1109 E. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA, 92831

  3. Cool finds! 4 bucks is not bad, now I want to see what you'll do with all of it :)