I apologize for not keeping up with this blog.  To be honest, I haven't found anything inspiring enough to blog about lately.  I guess you could say that I kind of hit a wall... Anyways, something happened to me the other day that I wanted to share.  

It started with a spotting of a little yellow envelope under my windshield wiper after class.  To my dismay, it was a parking ticket for parking with my head facing out.  I won't lie, I was furious!  I hate getting parking tickets for little things like this just because my school needs money!  I was strongly convinced I was going to write a letter of appeal, but I later discovered the "NO PARKING WITH HEAD OUT" sign.  I was pretty disappointed at never seeing this sign before and for having to waste money on such a dumb mistake.  And I must add that the reason they have that dumb rule is because "it causes an interruption in traffic and it is a danger to others."  In no way did I interrupt traffic or cause danger to others because I didn't reverse into my parking spot. I simply found 2 parking spots that were vacant right across from each other so i entered through both of them and that is why my head was out.  The way I parked was way safer because a) I didn't reverse and b) I didn't have to reverse later to back out.  Rgh! I can't help but feel like I'm being stolen from, this girl knows how much I hate stealing. Okay, that is the last of my venting, I promise! 

After receiving that yellow envelope, I had to drag myself to work (for those of you that don't know I am a server).  It was a fairly slow night with only a couple of parties coming in.  I had the ticket on my mind for the fair portion of the night when a customer's kindness turned that around.  He was honestly the best customer I have ever had (besides my favorite family) and that's not because he tipped me a benjamin, (yes, you heard that right $100) but he was so kind to me despite me being a stranger.  I drove home, feeling so happy and blessed.  It's so crazy to know that God planted this person in my presence! He could have easily been my coworker's customer, but he was mine!  He could have gone to any other restaurant, but he came to mine!  

I had such a crummy morning with receiving that ticket and having to pay for it, but then I got tipped more than what I needed to pay for that ticket.  It feels incredible to know that God is there, watching out for me.  He loves me, He cares, & He provides.  



  1. God is good. He knows what we need all the time! Isn't it great to be truly loved!

  2. this is lovely (:
    thanks for sharing, it's just what i needed to read.

  3. GOD IS SO GOOD.. he really does work in crazy ways sometimes! aww reading this made me miss meow mix more! GAH! sleepin over this week fosure.

  4. love you friend, this is so encouraging to hear how God works in our lives when we dont seem to realize until we see how great he provides always. love you!