I apologize for abandoning you guys.  I've been feeling a mix of emotions, but I have to admit that 70% of it has to be laziness. I don't even remember the last time I touched my camera, it could possibly be two months? Yikes!  Here is my attempt at making an effort again:

  • I'm starting Herballife, time to focus on nutrition and fitness!  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
  • I gave up red and white meat for Lent, so I have been eating loads of shrimp, portobello mushrooms, and tofu.  It's been pretty easy, but  I do have those occasional meat craving.
  • Two weeks a go the beautiful Reinna Sherie turned my ombre locks burgundy and gave me bangs.
  • Two weeks later, I've realized bangs aren't a good look for me.
  • Oprah's Lifeclass is flawless.  Here are some notes: 
  •      - PAIN= Pay Attention Inward Now
  •      - Pain is trying to get your attention while your busy looking outside for healing
  •      - 3 steps-  feel, deal, heal
  • Embarrassing as it is, I'm liking Justin Bieber's new track, "Boyfriend."  Don't judge.
  • After watching Biggie and Tupac, I am convinced that Tupac is still alive.  (Don't scoff until you research!)
  • I recently brushed the cobwebs off of my disney pass to go with this lady friend.  The TRON club at California Adventures has got to be my favorite! We danced until our feet couldn't handle it anymore.  
  • The Hunger Games movie.  I read all of the books and I was actually impressed with the film.  I thought the acting was pretty good (especially Effie and Caesar!) and I thought the directing was pretty smart.
  • I am really liking the new blogger layout! It's different but much more cleaner and crisp.