So, I've been exchanging emails to my Uncle from Japan. I opened up to him about my relationship (or lack of) with God because lately I've been back sliding.  I've neglected church and my bible probably has cobwebs growing on it.  I haven't been disciplined at all.  I've been extremely busy and I've been using it as an excuse.  I feel like now that I don't have that relationship with Him, certain departments of my life are suffering from it.  My Uncle said something that definitely convicted me and it was exactly what I needed.

"Instead of passively listening to a pastor, I get more out of reading, thinking about and applying the truth in the Bible to my relationships and conflicts I face in those relationships each day. That's how I worship God. The way I look at it, I'm in worship seven days a week, worshiping Christ and attempting to bring glory to Him at school, at the supermarket, at the gym and at home, wherever and whenever. Show me a group of Christians who are humble, merciful and who don't limit their worship to just Sunday services and Wednesday mid-week meetings in some church building or Christian home, then I'd be interested in hanging out with them." 

From now on, I promise to be more disciplined.  I promise to not limit my worshiping to just church, but to practice 
it wherever and whenever.  


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