I'm alive, I promise! If you've been wondering about my absence for the past couple months, I've been working nonstop at Lamb & Flag (an awesome possum retail store).  Sadly, yesterday was the last day of our brand being open.  T'was a day of mixed emotions.  I felt like the last three months had been summer school and the last day of school was yesterday, now we're going our separate ways.

Although I hadn't been there long, I felt apart of a family.  I couldn't have asked for a better (first) retail experience than the one I received here.  I loved everything about my job, especially my coworkers (and I guess the clothes were a perk too).  Everyday was like hanging out with my friends and that's a rare find.  New memories and long lasting friendships were made in the process of making this experience.  I will miss working here and working with this team, you might even say family.  

Besides making new friends, I grew a lot in the past months.  To be honest, I am a very shy person and that's hard to remain while being a salesman.  So I definitely had to throw that out the window and become more confident.  Working here, I've learned that I don't want just any job.  I don't want a job just to make money, I want a job that will build towards my future.  So, currently I am unemployed and looking to work at the local Urban Outfitters.  Fingers crossed, I have an interview next week!

Today we threw a surprise baby shower for our district manager.  It was a day of plenty of tears, hugs, and laughter that I captured in a little video below.  


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