if you didn't already know, today was the release of me & mr. cassidy's music video, wherever you go.  it was only a year ago when i first fell in love and i'm so freaking proud of them that they finally have a video!  take a listen and i promise you will fall in love just liked i did. 

video was directed by christian moldes, shot by ica images, produced by just another productions, and is starring cathy baron and pat sperry.  

their song is now also available on itunes and the whole ep, "i'd love you so," will be out on april 13th.  wherever you go was written by the amazing duo along with ryan dilmore and was also produced by mr. dilmore.  if you're in love with me & mr. cassidy or just want to have an awesome time, come to their release show on april 13th, 7-11pm at the witzend in venice.  you can score advanced tickets for only $10 at witzendlive.com.  along with me & mr. cassidy, there will be other talented friends, a complimentary photobooth and tons of other treats! 

for all of my followers, you can go purchase their full length album "MAMC VOL. 1" on bandcamp for 50% off with the code, "wherever you go" 

go say hello!
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  1. hello! I just wanted to ask: are you done with blogging? I liked reading your posts!
    have a good adventure. xx